rewatching show me the money 3 episode 1 in my red bath gown like swag 

swag swag swag 

Anonymous asked:
hey!! do you know any place I can buy official thornapple merch? thanks~

Mintshop is the only place I believe! but i’ve never bought anything from there so I don’t know if they ship internationally or even take foreign cards! 

they don’t have much thornapple merch left though, only the phone cases and the postcards seem to be still in stock 

Anonymous asked:
A while back I saw that thornapple had some sort of an art show (?) I think but I still don't really know what the deal was with that,since I don't know korean,would it be too much if I asked you to explain that for me? ^^

they collaborated with a couple of artists who created artworks inspired by the band’s music. then they put on the exhibit, that’s all I know ~


Thornapple - 백치